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Makeup tip: instead of using concealer emphasise your dark circles so people know you’re tired of their shit

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7/30/14, you are golden. by victoria


Rag & Bone ss2014

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Citizen of No Place. Although i haven’t read the book yet!

Gonna rise upFind my direction magnetically

It’s 2AM and i’ve become a fan of Fridays.
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"Bloom" featuring FKA Twigs

Who am i? 

63-What hides under the spectacular oppositions is a unity of misery. Behind the masks of total choice, different forms of the same alienation confront each other, all of them built on real contradictions which are repressed. The spectacle exists in a concentrated or a diffuse form depending on the necessities of the particular stage of misery which it denies and supports. In both cases, the spectacle is nothing more than an image of happy unification surrounded by desolation and fear at the tranquil center of misery. 
Guy Debord - Society of the Spectacle

And it suddenly occurs to me that tomorrow is a work day.. I blame it on the 3 episodes of Criminal Minds I just watched. 
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As an experiment I am dabbling in ADOPTABLES. You can buy this cutie for just $15 and decide their gender, name, occupation, whatever takes your fancy! Send an ask or email me at witnesstheabsurd@hotmail.com , I take payment via paypal at the same address! If this goes ok I’ll probably look into doing more!

Chloe Sevigny and Steve Buscemi, 1996.

 °˖✧◝ 2003 cyber waifu في كل مكان